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Monday, June 16, 2014


Hail and well met fellow gamer and a hearty welcome to any Dungeon Masters who happen across these pages.  For some time now I have worked on my OSR style Dungeons and Dragons campaign but the sharing about said campaign has been spartan, to say the least.  Indeed the pulls of work and keeping up with multiple work and personal email accounts, facebook and social media and on and on has led me to this place.

I have made the decision to greatly cull the various distractions from my time for writing my home campaign and sharing it with others.  My focus will be my kids, my day job, the occasional art or writing project and this campaign with its attendant blog.

In the spirit of winding back the clock to a simpler, less social media dominated time I have dedicated this blog to the notion of sitting down at my desk, lighting a candle and discussing everything related to DMing, Dungeons and Dragons and the current campaign here.  Someday I hope to post pictures of us playing and perhaps the occasional image of miniatures as I paint them up, terrain and that sort of thing.

Likely I will become more active in the google+ groups dedicated to OSR gaming both as a way to join the discussions of the wider community and to hopefully draw some interest from readers to this blog.  It is my hope that the time I have hacked out of facebook and dealing with the massive spam fest of multiple emails will generate sufficient free time to write a brief but regular column here.

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