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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monster Monday 07/14/14


Climate/Terrain:  Temperate and Subterranean, Abandoned Structures
Frequency:  Uncommon
Diet: Large Rats, Housecats, Kobalds
Intelligence: Animal
Treasure:  Nil
Alignment: Neutral
No. Appearing: 2 - 24 (2d12)
Armor Class:  6 (14)
Movement: 10
Hit Dice: 1
THACO: 20 (18 from Unshielded Side, 16 from Rear)
Number of Attacks: 1
Damage / Attacks: 1 point + save vs poison
Special Attacks:  Poison / Paralyzation
Special Defenses: Teleportation
Magic Resistance: None
Size: S (2 feet - Housecat Size)
Morale: Average 8
XP Value: 150

Blinkspiders are an uncommon but dangerous arachnid pest known to inhabit certain temperate areas North of the Sea of Harlots but South of the Goblinspite Mountains.  They prefer dark, quiet locations to breed and lurk, often at the edges of human civilized areas where their favored prey (housecats, small dogs and especially large varieties of rat) are concentrated.  Blinkspiders are an aggressive form of hunting spider.  They do not make webs.  They stick to the shadows or hiding in corners or clinging to the backs of surfaces, doors and such.  When a brood reaches sufficient numbers it may migrate looking for more plentiful sources of small prey.  Larger infestations of these creatures can sometimes be found close to kobald dens.

A single blinkspider is the size of a house cat.  It has a dark brown body that bears a white marking sometimes compared to the symbol for infinity.  Where or how these creatures developed with their teleportation ability is not known.  Likely they escaped from a wizard laboratory and then bred quickly once outside of the confines of captivity.

Blinkspiders will band together if one of their number is attacked.  This is a survival reaction not one born out of any particularly high level of intelligence.  When surprised or agitated or in combat a blinkspider will blink about trying to get an advantage against a perceived threat or future meal.  As a rule they do not attack medium or large opponents aggressively unless they are attacked, threatened or cornered.  A blinkspider will teleport on a roll of a 6 or higher on a 1d12.  They appear within three feet of a target on a roll of a 1 in front of the foe, 2 shielded front, 3 unshielded front, 4 shielded flank, 5, unshielded flank or 6-12 rear.  When a blinkspider teleports it does so as a half movement part of its action and can then immediately attack with its remaining action.  A blinkspider can teleport to a range of one hundred feet and appear anywhere it can see from its current position.  A blinded blinkspider will attempt to retreat but will not teleport.

Blinkspiders have a poison bite.  Medium sized targets receive a +1 bonus to save.  Large targets receive a +2 bonus to save and targets larger than L size ignore the poison completely.  If the saving throw versus poison is failed the target is paralyzed within 2+1d4 combat rounds.  Blinkspiders only eat paralyzed prey if they are left alone with it for a period of an hour or more.  Paralyzation lasts for 2+1d4 hours unless treated magically.

Blinkspiders are not intelligent nor do they have any treasure of their own but their victims sometimes do.  The abandoned structures they can inhabit sometimes are places where treasure happens to be found as well.

Well there you have it.  Last night was GAME NIGHT here at casa Ed Kann.  So no installment of Dungeon Mastering by Candlelight last night but I am making up for it with two installments today.  I hope you enjoy your monster for Monster Monday.  This monster was created for a 2nd Edition game.  Please remember this post is a fan posting and is not meant to conflict with any copyright of anyone anywhere.  The drawing of the Blinkspider is my own little art doodle.  Enjoy!

Happy Gaming!!!

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  1. These are very cool Ed. Liked the write up a lot.