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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Titan Tuesday 07/15/2014

Bok's'torn Strides Alone in the far North of the Goblinspite Mt. Range.
by Me
Hi and welcome back to Dungeon Mastering by Candlelight.  Today is Titan Tuesday where I share one of the Major Powers, Gods or Evil Baddies from my home campaign.

Today I am sharing Bok's'torn, an ancient being sometimes glimpsed in the far North.  Bok's'torn is most associated on cloudy evenings when the Northern Lights are visible.  In my world the Northern Lights are called The Giant's Lantern.

Bok's'torn is not technically a god in the traditional sense.  The being is in fact a phantom, a shade, a ghost.  It is the lingering memory of the last of its kind, a race of titanic elemental giants who once walked the world from land to land but who are no more. This race predates even the early memories of the elves and so almost nothing is known about them except for the knowledge that they once existed as evidenced by the presence of Bok's'torn.  The name Bok's'torn is in fact a creation of two old words from the early language of the Northmen dwelling within the Warholds high up at the edge of the Wintersmark.  Originally the word was more a title than a name and it translates literally to "roof breaker".

BOK'S'TORN (Roof Breaker)

Lesser Power

Armor Class:  -1
Movement: 14
Hit Points: 200
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage from Attacks: 3d10 Crushing, Grab, 2d10+10 Rending save or lose limb follows grab.
Special Attacks: Summon Blizzard
Special Defenses: Immune to Cold, Immune to Charm and Mind Control, Immune to Turn Undead, Limited Invisibility - Constant
Magic Resistance: 30%
Alignment: Neutral
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Symbol: A primitive drawing of a gigantic humanoid with red feet.
Spells:  Locate Object x 3 per day. Plane Shift to Spirit Realm x 2 per day. Cone of Cold as spell cast by a 12th level caster x 2 per day.

Bok's'torn lingers as a being venerated in the current age by giants of almost every variety, especially the more humble sorts such as hill giants, mountain giants and forest giants.  He is also worshiped by ogres, certain tribes of orc and a few outlying clans of human barbarian.  Bok's'torn is neutral in alignment but his followers tend towards chaos.  When he does appear he seems to be a shimmering outline passing along the horizon, a dark outline of an ancient titan most easily seen in front of a background of stars or the Northern lights.  The closer one stands to Bok's'torn the more effective his phantom nature and limited invisibility become.  To a character standing within 100 feet of Bok's'torn he is effectively completely and totally invisible.  Only the evidence of his passage (the accidental destruction of farm houses he happens to step on, his enormous footprints left in fields, etc...) can be experienced by those standing close to the creature.

Bok's'torn only appears at night and more often during a blizzard or when the Northern Lights are visible.  He only appears in the far North and never wanders more than two hundred miles South of the permanent ice sheets of the Wintersmark.

Northmen fear Bok's'torn more than worship him but his priests linger, more in the countryside of the Warholds of the Northmen region than anywhere else.  Bok's'torn seems unconcerned with the affairs of the mortal world with the single exception of a religious ceremony whereby oaths are sworn in a strange and forgotten language to cement a treaty.  A later violation of this treaty sworn before Bok's'torn priests inevitably attracts the wrath of the being although he may come immediately or suddenly make an appearance years after the fact.  When he does come to seek revenge for a broken Oath he usually appears out of a storm, smashes everything and rends the offenders bodily tearing off arms, legs and heads and flinging these about everywhere.

Priests of Bok's'torn receive spells up to casting level five only.

A third level a priest of Bok's'torn is granted the miracle of strength.  Once per day they may call upon a burst of superior strength capable of bending iron bars, smashing down a stout door or lifting something heavy off of a companion.

At fifth level Bok's'torn grants his priest the ability to call a single lightning bolt out of the sky against a foe.  This lightning bolt never misses.  It strikes for 6d6 damage against a single target.  No saving throw for half damage.  The priest may call this bolt once per day and only while outdoors.

If confronted with combat Bok's'torn will start smashing things.  He can stomp with his feet as an area of effect attack crushing everything in a thirty foot wide by sixty foot long area.  He attacks as a level 14 fighter.  He saves as a 10th level magic-user.  Bok's'torn may also grab a target.  A grabbed target cannot move or make any action except scream for help.  The following combat round Bok's'torn may rend the target limb from limb.  The target must make a saving throw or suffer the loss of a randomly rolled limb plus 2d10+10 damage.  Roll 1d6.  1 Left Arm, 2 Right Arm, 3 Left Leg, 4 Right Leg, 5 both arms, 6 head.  Note:  A character who has his head ripped off by Bok's'torn probably deserves it and usually expires soon after.

Well there you have it.  Today's blog entry for Dungeon Mastering by Candlelight.  Please become a follower of this OSR / D&D blog today.  I post something very nearly every day.  Thanks for visiting and see you next time!

Happy Gaming!!!


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